Three Keys to Finding the Right Step 2 Preparatory Workshop in New York City

The clinical skills portion of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) system is a demanding test requiring a great deal of study and preparation from even the most capable students. Passing the step 2 cs exam is a critical step on the road to becoming a licensed, practicing physician. Fortunately, there are effective ways for any student to prepare, as those who visit will discover.

The Best Workshops Stand Out Significantly from the Rest

There are quite a few workshops and courses in New York and the surrounding area that are designed to help students pass the step 2 CS test. Unfortunately, not all of these are actually worth utilizing, while others make a passing score virtually certain for the average student. Some of the ways by which the worthiest and most effective workshops stand out from others include:

Authority. Workshops focusing on the second step of the USMLE are led by physicians of widely varying qualifications. In some cases, a workshop might be designed and taught by a doctor who only passed the exam recently and has not accumulated much more in the way of experience since. On the other hand, there are also workshops that have been created by noted authorities in the field. At one of the most highly regarded USMLE step 2 workshops in New York City, the author of an internationally respected textbook on clinical skills teaches a course he personally designed.

Affiliations. The medical community is a close-knit one where relationships always matter a great deal. Some workshops are led by individuals or organizations who have few ties to other entities in the medical arena. There are also workshops in New York, however, that are formally affiliated with some of the city’s leading hospitals and clinics. Naturally enough, the latter tend to be more worth looking into.

Pass rate. Of course, what ultimately matters the most is that a workshop will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to actually pass the step 2 exam. Simply looking into the pass rate among past students should always be enough to clarify this issue.

Preparing for the Step 2 Exam Does Not Have to Be Stressful

With the most trusted workshops in the area enabling 90 percent or more of those who attend to pass the exam, there should never be a reason to worry. As those who read more at C3NY will see, simply attending the right workshop will normally be enough.


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